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It’s all about making the Numbers

Solar Power

Solar is Smart

Why spend more on operating costs than you need to? With solar, your energy costs are contained and the savings can be used to invest back into your business or improve your bottom line. With a purchase system, you enjoy the advantages of a tax credit, depreciation, and other opportunities our commercial consultants can share with you.

Rooftop Solar and Solar Shade/Carport Structures

For commercial and industrial customers, solar can be mounted on rooftops or on elevated ground mounts, which can also provide shade for people and vehicles. Axkan Energy can help you explore both options and decide which one works best for you. If you opt for a carport structure, we will also solicit bids from several companies in order to find you the most cost-effective option to pair with your solar.

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Tax Credits

Federal Tax Credits generally run about 100% for commercial projects, which means your actual cost is lowered dramatically.

Increase Your Top Line

If you’re a retailer, offering customers a shaded spot to park will allow you to create a more desirable destination, and help you draw more customers. Alternately, as a non-retail business, employees will appreciate the opportunity to return to a car in the hot summer months that provides a more comfortable ride.

Make Your Business a
Clean Energy Leader

Clean energy

As a renewable energy leader in Jalisco area, your business will join some of the largest companies in the country with a stated dedication to a clean energy future. Your customers and employees will appreciate a corporate culture that demonstrates a concern for the environment in a very tangible way.